Streaming videos

Taking a discarded canvas, I layer gesso on the canvas, then rope, which adheres strongly to the canvas. I pull the rope from the canvas with force. The penetrating ripping sound of destruction echoes, and the pigment of the canvas beneath the gesso and rope is revealed as an unexpected result of pulling apart two bonded objects. Through this experiential process, a seamless flow from one Idea or Form to another is achieved. The physical process of changing, exploring, expanding and challenging the use of materials becomes an abstract process of exploring and understanding Ideas and materiality.

This video was shown in Kyoto Japan in 2016 at the Sanjographie Photo Parade exhibition.

Everything is a starting point. No matter how much you destroy something what remains regardless of how minimal it is its a starting point. Pure and new. And the minute you realize this, silence covers any noise and you see that you can start again.