Material Analysis

Guided by my chemistry background, I am interacting with the materials seeking forms and ideas not immediately associated with their traditional intent or purpose. Each material or object is the manifestation of many different ideas and properties, but we are conditioned to see only some of those, often because they are more common or more dominant. In this body of work, my paintings are directed towards emotion, triggered by visual experience as a process of revealing hidden Forms and Ideas. I delve into the greater concept of materiality – questioning what we see, what we feel and what we are able to understand.

Through my interaction with the material I am trying to explore and reveal forms that are inherent to the objects, the materials, or the interactions between them, but hidden at first sight. This process can also be seen as transforming the material. At the same time, a different kind of transformation is taking place in the viewer’s perception, as the material becomes now a representation of other ideas, that are often unexpected, surprising. Our notion of reality is challenged when objects surprise us – a cloth made heavy, rubber appearing light, a knotted rope a sign of separation.