Bedsheets square - Maria Fragoudaki Performance Art


The first time I showed paintings from my BedSheets series was in 2016 at the Jewish Museum of Greece. Movement, color and shapes are absorbed into the fabric and left alone to dry.
These three-dimensional sculptural works below, are part of the series titled “BedSheets”, where the movement of the fabric is frozen, alluding to different types of beds and the relationships and experiences they cradle. The beds that hold our sleep and our emotions are brought in front of the viewer in material form. The audience is invited to discover different kinds of “BedSheets” – in other words, human contact and experiences. The movement of the body(ies) on the sheets, is connected to the deeper meaning of freedom: of the individual, of society, of the citizen.
What is it that hides beneath the BedSheets? Is it total freedom? Or our pure subconscious?