Maria Fragoudaki was born in Athens in 1983. The New York based interdisciplinary artist engages a variety of visual languages such as painting, sculpture, dance and performance, to create narratives that are brought to life using materials that include fabric, gypsum and paint. Inspired by the art movement of the 1960’s known as Process Art, her focus has gradually shifted from the use of paint to the material itself and how it interacts with space as well as with other materials.

Using her science background and her knowledge of the properties of the materials, Fragoudaki through her process is investigating the meaning of form, the informal and the formless in relation to her work. Fragoudaki, physically interacts with paint and the materials and explores the relationship between them. With her choice of materials she investigates the concept of Haptic Perception, which is active exploration and relies on the forces experienced during touch. Using this concept as a starting point, and through her increasing interest in movement, Fragoudaki is giving the viewer an experience beyond a passive visual perception of her work.

Maria Fragoudaki has presented her work in numerous group and solo shows throughout Europe, the US and Japan including The Royal Academy of Arts London, the Jewish Museum of Greece, the Pinacotheque of Cyclades, Scope Miami, Scope Basel, the Historical and Folklore Museum of Aegina in Greece and the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Athens.

She holds a Bachelor and a Master degree of Science in Chemistry, specializing on the physical properties of materials, from the University of London and completed residencies at the School of Visual Arts, New York, in painting and mixed media. Her works have been acquired by private and corporate collections around the world including the Jewish Museum of Greece.