Maria Fragoudaki Show BedSheets S.G. Art Gallery Performance

BedSheets The Duality of Freedom

“BedSheets – The Duality of Freedom” is a project I presented to the public in 2017, at Syntagma Square in Greece. It seeks to interpret and to communicate the movement of the body on the sheets, which is connected to the deeper meaning of freedom: of the individual, of society, of the citizen.
The BedSheets have escaped from the beds, the houses and my canvases, transformed into three-dimensional digital forms that wrap themselves around buildings of big cities.
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Performance April 27, 2017 Syntagma Square

I believe that art is interwoven with life. Thus, with the help of technology, I decided to “cover” the historical building that houses the Hotel Grande Bretagne with a huge digital sheet. This is no kind of architectural intervention; it is, in fact, an opportunity, almost an excuse, to reveal a different view of things. The building symbolizes the bed: our personal space, where we feel safe and free. In a metaphorical sense, the digital sheet functions as a “cover”, to hide or to protect, to embrace or to enfold the body that is in constant motion, free, upon the bed. I wanted to urge the audience to reflect upon age-old questions; are we free, to what extent can we be free? Are we free when we get out of bed – our own space of freedom – and go outside? Is our freedom lost as soon as we leave the house and shut the door behind us? Do we want to believe that we act and think freely, or is it an illusion? Whatever the answers, my aim was to mobilize the common passerby, to draw them into art, so they can sense another reality.


The ΒedSheets harbor freedom like the struggle with ourselves.
That perpetual and bidirectional struggle, outwards and inwards;
In other words with ourselves,
But not without the Other.
Extroversion and introversion switching places in the quest for balance.
The representatives of ourselves or of our many selves are expressed by our fellow citizens,
Our friends, our family and, finally, our ideas
And our actions themselves.
Our movements in space.
But which space? The space we define and is, in turn, defined by the us and the you!
A sheet sets the boundaries and transfers movement or takes on movement
From the body that it enfolds.
The wrapping helps or hinders, inspires or limits,
Gives shape and protects or rips and reveals!
The cover is often the most powerful challenge urging us towards exploration.

Interview by Korina Georgiou from at SG Gallery

Interview by journalist Konstantinos Bogdanos at SKAI TV

Interview by journalist Anna Bousdoukou at SKAI TV

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