School of Visual Arts – Fine Arts Summer Residency Program

I attended the residency program at SVA for three consecutive years (2012-2014). It was an excellent opportunity to work intensively in a private studio and receive individual critiques from faculty selected for their diversity, professional achievement and critical engagement. The residency encouraged experimentation and the development of new ideas and directions. During the residencies we had the opportunity to visit artists Darius Yektai at Tripoli gallery, Alice Aycok at the Parrish Art Museum, Mel Kendrick at the Drawing Room, Steve Miller’s studio, Lucy Winton’s studio, Paton Miller studio, Dan Rizzie studio, John Torreano studio, Kryn Olson studio and The Dan Flavin Art Institute.
Faculty and guest lecturers at SVA included Andrianna Campbell, Andrea Champlin, Ofri Cnaani, Gregory Coates, Steve DeFrank, Peter Hristoff, Tobi Kahn, Sharon Louden, Amy Myers, Danica Phelps, David Ross, Jerry Saltz and Jason Stopa.